Articles (in revision)

  • Koh, J. (2024+). Statistics of extremes for natural hazards: wildfires. Book chapter in preparation, for Chapman and Hall/CRC Handbook on Statistics of Extremes.

  • Koh, J., Steinfeld, D., Martius, O. (2023+). Using spatial extreme-value theory with machine learning to model and understand spatially compounding extremes. ArXiv: 2401.12195.

  • Koh, J., Opitz, T. (2023+). Extreme-value modelling of migratory bird arrival dates: Insights from citizen-science data. ArXiv: 2312.01870.

  • Beucler, T., Koch, E., Kotlarski, S., Leutwyler, D., Michel, A., Koh, J. (2023+). Next-Generation Earth System Models: Towards Reliable Hybrid Models for Weather and Climate Applications. ArXiv: 2311.13691

  • Barton, Y., Aregger, M., Koh, J., Martius, O. (2023+). Serial clustering of convective storms and link to sub-hourly rainfall extremes in Switzerland - a large-scale process perspective.

  • Koh, J., Koch, E., Davison, A. C. (2022+). Space-time extremes of severe US thunderstorm environments. ArXiv: 2201.05102.

Articles (published)

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